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At the present time influence estimation on environment of works processing the fulfilled accumulators in Slancy has been developed and confirmed.

Main thesis:

The analysis of an existing ecological condition has not revealed negative factors excluding the possibility under the current Russian legislation of building and operation of works around its prospective placing.
The validity of a choice of technology and corresponding equipment complete of the Italian company "Еngitес Teshnologies S.p.A" is established on the basis:

  • conducted ecological and economic analysis of utilization technologies of the fulfilled automobile accumulators and tendencies of their development;
  • experience of design and research activity of experts of "Elta" LLC (influence estimation on environment developer) in the field of engineering procedures of processing of the fulfilled automobile accumulators.

Advantages of accepted technology concern:

  • the lowered contents of lead in gas emissions (thanks to temperature decrease of raw materials fusion in shortly drum-type furnaces and separate processing of raw materials  components);
  • absence of industrial drains;
  • passing recycling of all sulphur containing raw materials components (sulfuric acid electrolits, a sulphatic part of leaden paste) in a commodity product.

Also the technology is supplied with the superdesulphation process - the last technological working out of the company "Еngitес Teshnologies S.р.A".
The last allows to lower formation of slags in 1, 4 times, emissions of sulfur dioxide in 2,5 times in comparison with the base technology to be the best of existing (EU, the USA and other countries).

As a whole the accepted technology completely corresponds to "Technical supervising principles of ecologically well-founded use of a waste of lead storage batteries" which are accepted at the sixth meeting of Conference of the parties of the Basel control over transboundary carriage of dangerous refuse and their removal convention (Geneva, on December, 9-13th, 2002).
At the analysis of factors of negative effect on environment is established:

  • the total of polluting substances thrown out in atmosphere constitutes to 57,1 tons a year, of them lead and its compounds - to 0,453 tons a year;
  • the total of the basic production wastes constitutes: slag - 1000 т; firm plastics - 2000 т.
  • the total of liquid drains constitutes 2750 m ?/year.

As a whole the designed works of processing of the fulfilled automobile accumulators is absolutely ecologically safe and a profitable enterprise.
Placing of the high technology works in an industrial area in Slancy will not render appreciable influence on an existing state of environment.
After running up to the rated capacity works will provide the social development of region and its investment appeal, and also sanitary clearing of territories of the North-West Russian Federation of leaden pollution.

As a part of preproject materials on a substantiation of possibility of placing of the enterprise for processing of the fulfilled storage batteries in an industrial area Slancy (near Saint-Petersburg) and establishments for it width of a sanitary-protective zone materials of influence estimation on environment were considered at institute of scientific research institute of Human Ecology and Enviroment of name A.N.Sysina.
23.10.2007 have been issued the experts" report where following conclusions have been drawn:

The enterprise for processing of the fulfilled storage batteries "Ecorusmetall" LLC, which will manufacture lead refined and its alloys (17,5 thousand t/year), crystal sulphate of sodium (4,6 thousand t/year), polypropylene secondary (1,5 thousand t/year), placed in territory of 12 hectares in the east industrial area of  Slancy (near Saint-Petersburg), in borders of sanitary-protective zone of the enterprise of the 1st class (Factory " Slancy") at removal from residential districts in a southeast direction on 1200 m, in the western direction on 1900 m and in 1000 m from garden association, in connection with use of modern technology (Еngitес Teshnologies S.р.A.), ensuring essential reduction of qualitative structure and weight of emissions (for example, lead emission will constitute no more than 453kg/year), according to item 2.19 SanPiN 2.2.1/2.1.1. 1200 - - 03, it is possible to carry 2 classes to the enterprises and to recommend for it accordingly width of sanitary-protective zone 500м from its industrial area border as on this distance levels of concentration of components of its emissions and physical effects will not exceed significances of the hygienic specifications established for conditions of occupied places.

Recommended class of the enterprise and the size of its sanitary-protective zone width possible its placing in borders of sanitary-protective of the enterprise of the 1st class - Factory "Slancy" that corresponds to item 2.26 SanPin 2.2.1/2.1.1. 1200-03.